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Best Budget Priced Robo Vacuum
This is budget friendly robovac and I'm glad I bought it. It can go over most thresholds about an inch high and doesn't get caught on simple things. Very good at cleaning tight spaces. Most of my house is hardwood so it's good for bare floors. It picks up all the fur, hair, and dirt that's on the floor. The vacuum is a smart and quiet. The battery lasts a long time (enough for a full clean without charging from start to finish)! Other than some initial frustrations with the app — I had to switch to another phone to pair with my WiFi — this vacuum has performed admirably. It cleans well, and never failed to return to its dock. It’s easy to schedule cleaning for when we’re asleep, and once rooms are set up in the app it’s convenient to be able to have the vacuum clean specific rooms on demand. The app is the weakest part of the experience for me, but I’m sure it can be improved in time. I can easily recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a convenient way to keep your floors clean without much hassle.