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Hide your mess
So we recently ordered to shelf/cabinet unit for above and behind the toilet in the bathroom. We ordered through Costway and it came quickly, which was surprising as every other place is having issues. Anyway, our daughter has been spreading out her stuff recently through the bathroom and we needed to try to get it under control. This cabinet has helped a lot. We even had our 11 year old daughter put it completely together herself. I simply had to help lift it. It is now a wonderful addition to her bathroom and is hiding an ever increasing amount of stuff. This one looks great as our trim is also white. The one thing we'll warn about is making sure there is a bit of space to slide this behind the toilet. We had to take off one piece and then reattach after, but this just took 3 to 5 extra minutes. The whole cabinet fits nicely. We are excited to be hiding a little more of her mess