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Wonderful Ambience and Warmth
I needed a heater for my wife's work at home office which is in our all-season sunroom on the back of our home. When I purchased the fireplace, I intended to build a surround or use and existing piece of furniture that I had. After receiving it my wife changed her mind about using the bottom part of a buffet we wanted to use. This was not an issue as the size and style of this unit allows for so many creative ways to use it. I was happy to find it easily fit an area under a bookshelf in our patriotic room, this is where our grandchildren sleep when visiting. The artificial flames serve as a nightlight for and allows a relaxing ambience, and I can easily turn off the heat enabling switch and enjoy just the ambience of the flames. When I need the fireplace in the all-season room it is easily moved from under the bookshelf and used as a standalone heater. The convenient handles make it very easy to carry room to room. Its design makes it attractive as a standalone unit. In my search for pieces to use I found many TV stands, dry sinks, bottoms of side table and buffets that the fireplace fit. The ideas are endless. This came with a convenient remote to power on, adjust heat and select one of three different flame colors. These work great for bedrooms and smaller rooms. I very happy with my purchase.