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Best Little House Cleaning Helper
I put this puppy to the test for nearly a month and this product gets an easy 5 STAR review. I am usually skeptical when it comes to this type of technology, but I am glad I gave this a try. We are extremely happy with the Voice Control Self-Charge Vacuum Cleaner Robot - Costway online purchase @costway. We have a pet that sheds and tends to drag dirt into our mid 1800’s home. This little Robot sweeper has kept the floor tidy in between normal vacuuming schedules. As you can see from the pictures and scratches on the Robot I used and tested this hard. The first time I ran this was a week after a normal vacuuming and the collection bin was packed beyond capacity with dog hair. I love that this gets under our radiators and furniture. Mostly it has been tested on hardwood floors, but it transferred well on small secured low pile throw rugs and wool area rugs. It worked its way all around the first floor of our home. Because COSTWAY is good with packaging be sure all foam protectors are removed. There is a piece of foam on each side dead center between the bumper sensor, it bended in so well and looked so much part of the machine I left it in for a bit until I realized it needed removed. Because I have it on auto mode, it startled me once when its cleaning process began in the middle of the night, so be prepared :) I highly recommend COSTWAY products.