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Just What I Was Looking For
I was in the market for a bunk bed for my kids room. I needed one with solid construction, so it would grow with them but also wanted one that was not going to break the bank. This bunk bed definitely fit the bill. After ordering, it took about 2-3 days to arrive. Everything was well packed and protected. It took my husband about an hour to assemble. The process of putting it together goes so much faster, as they have everything clearly labeled and hardware is sorted out into individual bags. One thing my husband really liked was that the mattress slats were tethered together for each bunk. This takes the guesswork out of how many to use or how far to space them. The wood is pretty solid and not the really cheap stuff. The bed is very stable, and I like that it is not squeaky if my kids move, like some other beds. The bottom bunk sits higher off the ground and provides ample room to store stuff under the bed if you would like. Another plus is that this bed is versatile and can be separated into 2 twin-size beds if we choose to do so. Overall, my kids are absolutely thrilled with their bunk beds, and so am I.