Rabbit Hutches


Rabbit Hutches
Safe & Comfortable Area for Various Pets:
The Costway rabbit hutches for sale is not only suitable for use as a rabbit hutch or chicken coop but also perfect for other small animals such as birds, guinea pigs, ducks, squirrel, etc. Easy-access entry doors with slide bolts create a safe area to let the pets come in and out conveniently and also protect them from predators.

Durable & Sturdy Construction:
The Costway rabbit hutches Crafted from a heavy-duty fir wood frame and other environment-friendly material, the hutch features high resistance to corrosion and deformation for using a longer time.
These rabbit hutches with pitched roofs effectively protect small animals from UV and rain to always keep a safe and comfortable shelter for pets.
The painted surface of the Costway large rabbit hutches is water and sun-resistant to better use outdoors. Paint with eco-friendly and safe varnish, well assure to guarantee the small animals live happily in these houses.

Removable Tray & Ventilated Fence:
A removable pull-out tray between two floors makes it easier to clean and maintain while also providing a neat and healthier environment for bunnies. Grid fences/windows ensure excellent ventilation, which is essential to small animal living. The Costway rabbit hutches included ground cloth for convenience cleaning and to keep warm.

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